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Genny Mehlhaff
Division 1 - Clearwater County

Personality – Passion – Professionalism –
With a fresh prospective.
I’m invested in seeing Clearwater County continue to succeed. Along with my husband we have made the eastern slopes our home and my hope is to support a strong community so our four children will wish to maintain a prosperous life on our ranch.
I have been in Clearwater County for almost 20 years and love it here. I’m a firm believer that if you wish for your community to thrive you need to put the energy into it to help it prosper.
My background is in emergency services. I have been a firefighter since I was a teenager, and worked toward my primary care paramedic shortly after. I have worked for central zone with Alberta Health Services since 2007. I have been on numerous municipal boards and volunteer groups including the Municipal Planning Commission and currently chair the Ag Services Board; in the area making a base of knowledge to hit the ground running if the community feels that I am a good fit to represent them.   
A collaborative approach with a focus on rural values is important in a community such as ours.   
The town county relationship is strained and needs to be rebuilt and restructured with solid communication and partnership agreements to ensure its continued stability.
The municipal development plan needs to be completed as it is the framework in which all other decisions involving land use are based on. We need to find a way to protect our natural resource in ag lands while also supporting economic growth with proper zoning.  
In response to your question on actions needed for pandemic response, we need to engage our chamber partners in town and village and business players in the municipality ensuring we are working together as a team to meet their needs.  
I look forward to using my knowledge in health care and work towards solutions for securing more reliable emergency and community care for our residents.  
I would love to hear from you. Please reach out; your opinions and ideas are very important. Looking forward to connecting to as many as I can. 1-780-312-1017, gc.mehlhaff@outlook.com.