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Nichole Stewart
Division 1 - Clearwater County

Hello, I’m Nichole Stewart and I’m running for Division 1 of Clearwater County Council.
I was born and raised in Rocky Mountain House and while growing up I lived in town and later moved into Division 1 of Clearwater County and have resided here with my husband for the last 12 years. I’m a mother of three and my husband and I both operate our own small business. I’ve always been guided to careers that have allowed me to be of service to the public. I started in massage therapy and later was educated in the health-care industry. I now operate my own business that provides services to the public.
I love to volunteer within the community where I can and I’m so grateful for the beautiful network we have here and I’m blessed to be given a chance to represent the residents that reside here.
I believe it’s important to gain as much information from residents as possible when making decisions on their behalf. This position and decisions made should be based on what’s best for the majority of residents. Creating and maintaining healthy relationships with residents as well as other local governing bodies is important to me.
Honest representation and allowing residents to be heard is my intention if elected to this position.
We have all had a very turbulent couple of years and financially everyone has struggled. It’s crucial that we recognize this and not contribute to adding more stress on residents and businesses within the county. My goals for navigating through these ever-changing situations would be to support and inform the residents and businesses as much as possible. Creative solutions for keeping businesses going and providing a safe space to allow concerns to be heard.
I’d like to thank each candidate for having the courage to be the voice for your division. I wish you all the best in your campaigns. If you would like to have a conversation, please email me at nstewartdivision1@gmail.com, find me on Facebook or attend my outdoor meet and greets on Thursdays 5 to 7 p.m. at the Legion Park beside the community centre. I look forward to creating connections. “The truth is easy.”