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Cammie Laird
Division 2 - Clearwater County

I am seeking re-election as your councillor for Division 2.
I value our community and the people. Your viewpoints are appreciated, relevant and vital in defining opportunities for what really matters in building our shared future. Clearwater County has been our family’s home for over 18 years. I have learned much about the home I treasure, the amazing people who live and work here and the services we enjoy. Growing up, raising a family, and volunteering in rural Alberta has taught me valuable insights and practical solutions. I believe in lifelong learning and striving for constant improvement. My “can do” service attitude will continue to provide me with a firm foundation for building a bright future for all. What I offer is, compassion, tolerance, dedication, commitment, hard work and the ability to work with others collaboratively.
I have had the privilege to represent Clearwater County for the past four years as your Division 2 councillor – and while it hasn’t always been easy; it has been extremely rewarding. We continue to face many challenges to meet the needs, without sacrificing the welfare of future generations. I would like the opportunity to continue that work and build a vibrant community together. I know I have what it takes to make a difference.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trial for our community and beyond. The various levels of government continue to grapple with the best approach, which creates uncertainty. It is always a challenge for council to undertake anything that would affect people’s personal rights and freedoms. Consistent messaging is essential, which is currently lacking. We need to move beyond the polarization of opinions on COVID responses to understanding and valuing our individual ability to choose options.
Working in emergency services for over 39 years has afforded me the opportunity to gain invaluable perspectives about what is important to people, our community and how to prioritize. That means balancing budget and needs while managing precious resources with common sense solutions. Considering reasonable approaches to preserving valuable agricultural land base. Ensuring transparency through meaningful community engagement. Championing projects that strengthen our community’s future. Promoting healthy relationships with our neighbouring municipalities, so all can thrive.
I will continue to advocate for our community. I represent the values you cherish. Contact me by phone: 403-729-3699, email: cslaird@outlook.com, or find me on Facebook.