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Curt Maki
Division 3 - Clearwater County

My name is Curt Maki. I am a fourth generation Clearwater County resident. Along with being a journeyman welder, my wife Tammy and our two sons run a cow-calf operation southeast of Condor. 
The reason I am running for Division 3 Clearwater County councillor is simple: my family has been in this area for over 100 years and we have enjoyed the many benefits that the community has to offer. So I feel a responsibility to give back to the community by participating in the democratic process.
I believe in being an active member in our community and have served on Clearwater County council, volunteer on numerous 4-H boards and events and also served on the board of Eckville and Mountainview Credit Unions.
The biggest policy issue is the MDP Review. This is one of the biggest policy documents in the county.  There have been a lot of proposed changes and I do not believe that there has been enough meaningful consultation. When AHS guidelines allow for it, in-person meetings need to be included to gather additional feedback. All residents need their voices heard. 
Fibre to the premises is the biggest budget issue in Clearwater County. There needs to be a full public discussion to reveal all the numbers for this project.  To date this has not happened. Before any more work can be done, the public needs to know — Is there a business plan?  What is the full cost of the project? What are the potential risks and the potential return to Clearwater County?  Over the last four years there have been numerous in camera meetings on broadband but not much public discussion on costs.  Why is that?  Is the cost so high that there is hesitation to reveal it?  
For further discussion or questions please feel free to contact me at 403-318-0303 or by email at curtmaki57@gmail.com.