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Naomi McNair
Division 4 - Clearwater County

My name is Naomi McNair and I am running for Division 4 county councillor. Becoming a county councillor has been on my radar for almost five years; I have chosen to run in this municipal election because more and more I recognize the need for everyone to step up and do their part. I believe that I have the strengths, experiences and personality to do this job well. As a councillor, my aims would be for open accountability, respectful dialogue, healthy growth and sound stewardship. I would describe myself as approachable, creative, curious, practical and steady. I come with no specific agenda, but desire to ensure that residents’ voices are heard, that wise decisions continue to be made and to see Clearwater County continue to grow, prosper and further its reputation as a destination spot. 
Clearwater County is the only home I have known. I consider it a luxury to have raised my kids on the same land I grew up on. With my eldest testing her wings in Calgary and my second established in high school, I am eager to serve my community in a new capacity. I believe that I have much to offer: I am intentional about being open-minded; I strive to maintain a big-picture perspective; I prioritize teamwork and communication in all that I do; I have a varied work and volunteer history - education (teacher), enforcement (park ranger), environment (Bachelor of Science), community service (The Lord’s Foodbank, Clearwater Regional Housing Foundation, Collaborative Leadership Steering Committee), hospitality (The Prairie Creek Inn), recreation (avid user of the backcountry), tourism (Alberta Parks) and sports (basketball coach and referee and Rocky Barracuda swim coach). 
Over my working career, I have held positions at the town and provincial levels, as well as under a prominent union organization. These experiences and positions have given me awareness of the policies and procedures which are ingrained in our governing bodies. They have also made me sensitive to the importance of staying in touch with front-line workers and ensuring that management is streamlined and efficient. 
There are always hot topics and areas of concern, and I look forward to hearing from division residents on how to address key issues and brainstorm together to find sustainable, healthy and equitable solutions. If you have further enquiries please contact me via email: gnmcnair@gmail.com.