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John Vandermeer
Division 4 - Clearwater County

John Vandermeer is a third generation Clearwater County resident seeking re-election as the councillor for Division 4. He has worked in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia before returning to his roots as a farmer northeast of Caroline. He brings planning, technical, operational, managerial and relationship building skills to the role of councillor for Division 4.
My goal is to continue to work with you to make sure we have the best possible infrastructure and policies so you, your family and your business can succeed.
Policy Priorities: We need economic development, modern infrastructure, a workable land use policy, good relations with other municipalities and no tax increases. Two important ingredients for economic development are developable land and a quality, affordable Internet service. The negotiations with Caroline on amalgamation and seniors housing need to be concluded as a win-win for everyone. We need to work in harmony with the Town of Rocky Mountain House. Productive cooperation allows us to take advantage of cost savings and service improvements. We will continue to work with other municipalities in central Alberta (Central Alberta Economic Partnership) to bring business and jobs to the area. We can do what must be done with no tax increases to our residents. I suggest a plebiscite offering citizens the opportunity to select the reeve (mayor) for a four-year term. The rotating reeve approach of the last four years has not served our community well. Consistency and relationships are important.
Budget Priorities: My top budget priority is to properly maintain existing infrastructure. My second priority is to complete a quality and affordable Internet service where our citizens can choose the provider, avoiding monopoly situations. This will empower our citizens – providing education and other services. Entrepreneurship can flourish and business can then be fully competitive. The budget needs to be administered with no increase in taxes for our residents.
Municipal Pandemic Response/Policy: The provincial government through AHS is responsible for pandemic related response. The county follows the guidelines of AHS and should continue to take measures to protect its employees and the public.
Contact John at: 403-844-9286 (cell), email: johnvan@telus.net.