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Bob Bryant
Division 5 - Clearwater County

My name is Bob Bryant and I am running for Division 5 county councillor.
I have been a resident of Clearwater for my entire life, save for a few years at university and working up north. I have raised and educated my four children within the county and they all remain closely connected to it. I spent my career in education, teaching at Caroline, being vice principal at Leslieville and finally principal of Condor Elementary. These jobs have prepared me to think clearly about priorities, discuss issues and use rate-payer input to make consensus-based decisions.
I believe strongly in volunteering and doing public service, working with the philosophy of “if not me then who!”
Over the years my family and I have volunteered on many boards and participated in numerous organizations, from minor ball and hockey to the Rocky Stampede Board. Presently, I’m chair of the Rocky Credit Union and the Blue Mountain Power Co-op. I am a public member for the Parkland Air Management Zone which is a non-profit organization that works with Alberta Environment and Parks to monitor and report on the air quality in west central Alberta.
I see public office as an opportunity to serve the community and not a career choice. I’m running because I have the necessary skills to do the job well, and my education gives me the ability to fully consider issues in all their complexities. This county needs a little help remembering that it’s the taxpayers’ priorities that are important and not personal agendas.
If elected voters can expect that I will:
1. Bring communication, co-operation and common sense back to the job.
2. Work for fiscal stability and get control of budgets and tax increases.
3. Revisit the fibre issue and the exorbitant costs associated with it.
4. Refocus councils on the regionalism of fire, waste and recreation along with other issues.
5. Support the need for seniors facilities outside of the town of Rocky, specifically in Caroline and the hamlets.
6. Monitor budgets closely to generate savings and eliminate redundancy.
7. Develop the Nordegg node efficiently looking at residents’ needs as well as those of newcomers.
I thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to discussions with all residents of the county. For Division 5 residents, I ask for your support in the form of your vote and I look forward to discussing your issues and concerns in the future.