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Neil Ratcliffe
Division 5 - Clearwater County

We moved here for a better life over 20 years ago. God willing, I intend to stay another 20.
I have lived, worked and travelled in other countries. Canada is the best country. The west country is a great place to live. I’m dedicated to doing my part to make it sustainable and improve the quality of life. I believe in transparency and accountability.
I have volunteered for: Big Brothers, Neighbourhood Watch, Bethany Lifeline, Clearwater Community Policing Advisory Committee, Crime Watch, Clearwater Broadband Foundation, Rocky and Clearwater County Airshow Committee, and the North Saskatchewan Recreation Board. Actively involving myself with the Ferrier Community Association for 15 years, has allowed me to work alongside friends and neighbours to build a desirable community.
As project manager and later, in my own business, I honed other skills such as, creating budgets and business plans, reading financial statements, and financial prudence.
To our friends in town. It’s my town too! Together, we can thrive.
Regarding my position on different issues, I want to make it clear that it is not about me. It is about us! With COVID measures in place, I’m enjoying talking to the nice people in Division 5 to find out what they think and what they want done. I will continue those conversations. By far, the top two issues, are county spending and broadband. I am convinced that broadband is essential infrastructure for economic sustainability and diversity. I will devote a proportionate effort to those two issues.
People’s thoughts on the other issues vary. Regarding the MDP review. We need to preserve agricultural land, but, we need places for the next generation of farmers to live. We need more young families here to have a future. On the MDP issue, we should let logic and democracy prevail.
To diversify our economy, we should first focus on our strengths; agriculture and tourism. There is a great potential around Nordegg. There are concerns that, while exploiting tourism, we must also protect the beauty of the area.
The outgoing council took two important steps to support communities by creating new recreation boards and by financially supporting community halls. I applaud that action and pledge to support that work.
I can be reached by email: neilr4div5@gmail.com, or by phone 403-845-5745. More information about my background is available on the county election website.