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Shane Nafziger
Division 6 - Clearwater County

My name is Shane Nafziger. I was raised right here in Division 6 of Clearwater County. I graduated from Caroline School in the late ’90s. I married my wife Lorissa in 2001 and we have three active children ages 16, 15 and 12.
After over 10 years working in the oilpatch away from home, my wife Lorissa and I started a small business here in Clearwater County. We have owned and operated this business for the last 14 years. We know firsthand how the economic landscape and opportunities have changed in the past and will continue to change. Businesses have had to adapt and change to stay competitive in our current economic situation. The county needs to facilitate and encourage new and current businesses. Expanding businesses will create new jobs and opportunities for residence, as well as provide products and services locally, which we have come to understand over the last year and half just how important it is.
One of the major issues we have in Division 6 is safety in our own homes. We have had a rash of theft and trespassing particularly in the last couple years. It is sad that almost every driveway has a locked gate at the end of it. We are no longer able to just pop in for a visit at our neighbours. I will work to find and implement solutions so that we all feel safe at home. Safety is one of the simplest and yet overlooked necessities.
The proposed seniors facility in Caroline would dramatically increase the quality of life of many community members. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have our seniors live within our community even as they are no longer able to live independently? I will work to have this facility built and utilized by our invaluable members of our community.
Everyone has been touched by COVID-19 in one way or another and we need to move on and figure out ways to move forward from this! There are many lessons learned from this crisis and it is council’s job to implement those lessons to make Clearwater County even better than it is right now.
Clearwater County has always been a desired holiday location for campers, hunters and fishermen. Over the last year and a half there has been an explosion of travel to the area, which has created many issues that we have never had to deal with. There are ways we can manage tourism and still enjoy living and working here. We can manage recreation in the area to benefit everyone.
I want to help to make this county better in every conceivable way. I will work tirelessly to help all the members of our community have a better quality of life, in all facets of life. My phone is always on and I look forward to serving my community.