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Douglas Galavan, People’s Party of Canada

Douglas Galavan is the second youngest from a large farming family of six children and was raised in the rural Calmar area. He is educated as a mechanical engineer technologist and moved to Drayton Valley in 1990, where he has been a business owner, operator for 29 years. Douglas and his wife, Christina of 32 years, have four grown children and have recently been blessed with a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. More recently Douglas is one of the founding members of Rally Canada; a non-profit, non-partisan, advocacy group that has been active in the Pro-Pipeline rallies and an instrumental part in facilitating the Rocky Mountain House rally with the Sunchild, O’Chiese, Big Horn and Smallboy first nations and Métis Nation of Alberta to help stop the Big Horn Park proposal this last winter.

What makes me a good candidate to represent the Yellowhead in Ottawa is, as a businessman, I know that funds are finite and I know that these funds come from you, the taxpayer and are too precious to waste, especially in today’s economy. I realize that without a strong Alberta economy, Albertans cannot earn the wages they need to support their families, their communities and local businesses and our provincial and municipal tax bases, so they can stabilize and support the public services necessary such as health care and education. While other parties are promising billions in spending, our party plans to bring a much sharper focus to economic recovery in Alberta and the Yellowhead.

Job Creation
Some PPC polices which will help with job creation in the Yellowhead include invoking Section 92(10) of the Constitution, so that projects, after being proven environmentally sound, are declared to be in Canada’s best interest (ie the TMX) and can go ahead without years of delay. Inter-provincial trade barriers need to be removed to allow for freedom to expand trade and therefore the economy. Apply a rigorous tax plan which includes dropping corporate income tax and federal farm tax from 15 per cent to 10 per cent and reduce unnecessary and duplicate government regulations on businesses to allow them to grow and expand employment opportunities.

Trans Mountain Pipeline
The Trans Mountain Pipeline should never have ended up as government-owned and must be built immediately. It is an example of the complete mismanagement of the energy file resulting in an economic and possible unity crisis in Canada. As stated above the PPC would invoke the Constitution to declare the TMX in the national interest to be built now! We would support the energy-producing provinces to do what it takes to get our products to tide waters and support the UCP in its fight against foreign funded NGOs which are responsible for some of these delays.

The PPC has very different policies regarding the environment than all the other parties. Our plan would be to remove Canada from the Paris Accord and begin recovering from the huge economic impact it has caused Alberta. We do not believe that CO2 is the main driver of climate. Canadian oil and gas and our energy industry is the most ethical and environmentally sound in the world. We should be proud and support, not penalize these industries because with economic stability they continue to create more advancement and efficiencies that protect our environment.

Federal Carbon Tax
The PPC will not only remove the federal carbon tax, but as stated above, will remove Canada from the United Nation’s Paris Accord. Unlike the Liberals, NDP and Greens, the PPC does not believe a tax on carbon will affect the climate. And unlike the CPC the People’s Party does not plan to replace the carbon tax with an even greater tax to punish our heavy industries and chase further investment and jobs out of Alberta.

Tax Reform
The PPC has a strong, innovative, fair tax reform policy that would benefit all Canadian families, farmers and businesses. We would abolish the capital gains tax, as this is a form of double taxation. This applies to farm businesses as well. The PPC would reduce federal income tax to a flat rate of 15 per cent for incomes between $15,001 and $100,000 and than a flat rate of 25 per cent applied to any income above $100,000. There would be NO federal income tax on the first $15,000 earned by all, giving everyone an immediate $529 tax cut. The PPC would drop the corporate income tax rate and federal farm tax from 15 per cent to 10 per cent. Additionally we would eliminate ALL, not just some, corporate welfare and permanently expand the accelerated capital cost allowance to all sectors.

Other issues and priorities
Additional issues that are currently affecting the Yellowhead riding are; the economic impact for farmers with the recent trade disputes in China and refusal of Canadian exports as well as the attack on our beef farmers from foreign funded interest groups. The continued loss of jobs and personal wealth in most Yellowhead communities and the continued attack on our resource towns. The continued delays of the Trans Mountain Pipeline are driving investment out of the Yellowhead and millions in losses. The pine beetle infestation that continues to spread across the boreal forest, causing an economic and environmental disaster. And for me the Yellowhead has missed a huge opportunity of economic development with a lack of a coordinated plan to market and build out our tourism and recreation industry in our incredible Eastern Slopes.

I describe myself first and foremost as a husband, father and grandfather, then a respected businessman of 30 plus years. I believe in human flourishing and the best way to achieve this is with freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect.