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Town council to hold service level review
in Drayton Valley

By Glen Mazza

Rocky Mountain House town council held its regular meeting on July 2 with all councillors in attendance.

Audit Committee

The third and final reading took place for the bylaw to establish an audit committee for the financial reports. Council voted to pass the bylaw.

Service Level Review

The service level review will take place Oct. 9 to 11, 2024. As directed, town administration provided options including holding the service level review in Drayton Valley, Sundre and Red Deer, along with the costs for holding the review using town facilities.

Mayor Debbie Baich was opposed to holding the event out of town because of costs

“I would certainly prefer to keep it local so we can, you know, save the costs of hotels and travel and just do it like we did the previous year and the year before. There was another year that we had done it locally so that seemed to work fine and it saves the taxpayers money,” said Baich.

Councillor Len Philips voiced his opinion and wanted the meeting held out of town.

“I’ve been to one of these that have been done out of town and I find the ones that are out of town are definitely more productive because we’re not going home at the end of the night. We’re actually spending time together after the meeting and sometimes the best ideas come after the meeting. It doesn’t actually come during the meeting, it comes after the meeting when you’re sitting around and just, you know, discussing random things,” explained Phillips.

Councillors Tina Hutchinson and Dave Auld agreed with Phillips.

Baich’s motion to hold the service level review in Rocky Mountain House was defeated.

Phillips then made a motion to have the service level review in Drayton Valley and it was carried.

It was noted at the meeting that there is a budget for this item as accommodation and meals are needed. Numerous staff would also attend. Drayton Valley town council will be contacted and invited to meet with the group.

Greenfield Development

Councillor Philips made a motion on greenfield land development. Greenfield means the land is vacant and does not have any existing improvements or amenities.

“Let it be resolved that council instruct administration to prepare a report that provides options for property tax incentives for new greenfield non-residential land development,” stated Phillips.

The motion passed.

Meeting with Municipal Affairs

An invitation was received from Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIvor for a meeting at an upcoming ABMunis meeting.

Councillor Dale Shippelt made a motion a motion the town set up an appointment to see Minister McIlver at the ABMunis convention in Red Deer in the fall. It was carried.

Emergency department temporary closures

There was a discussion about numerous temporary emergency department closures in Rocky Mountain House due to the lack of coverage by a physician. Discussion centred on the unacceptability of the situation.
Council approved a motion to draft a letter to the premier with copies going to the Minister of Health, MLA Jason Nixon and First Nations in our area.

Closed Session

After closed session discussions, council passed a motion to move item 14.1 to closed session at the next council meeting.

The minutes showed this is a code of conduct item with “disclosure harmful to personal privacy.”