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No injuries in school bus collision
By Tyler Klinkhammer
Staff Reporter

A school bus on its regular route was rear-ended on Hwy. 11A on the morning of Oct. 31.
The three students and the driver onboard at the time of the collision were all uninjured.
The bus was making a left hand turn off of the highway when a vehicle struck the back of it. Buses are equipped with a number of safety features, but many of them only turn on when the bus comes to a complete stop.
“The flashing lights only come on when they come to a complete stop and that wasn’t the case,” said superintendent Brad Volkman.
“In this case, the bus wasn’t stopping for a pickup they were just slowing down to make a left hand turn, so all you’re going to see there is what you would see on any vehicle. You would see a signal light and a brake light.”
Buses on the highway often have to make stops that could be dangerous if other vehicles aren’t paying attention. It’s important that people remember to stop when they see a bus at a standstill with the stop lights engaged. “If we have a student who needs to be picked up and their house is right on the highway, say, it could be that we need to come to a complete stop right on the highway. Then they throw out that stop sign and those flashing amber lights come on and that means all traffic from both directions needs to come to a complete stop because it could be that the home is on the other side of the highway.”
Volkman said that these types of accidents are rare and that he couldn’t think of any other recent incidents like this. He said that he’d like to remind the public to be aware of buses on the roads.
“The main message is it’s just a reminder. We want to make sure that the public is very aware of those yellow school buses, and the fact that there are children on those school buses. We want people really paying attention to those buses and its movements so that we don’t have accidents.”