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Gerald Soroka, Conservative Party of Canada

I am a proud third-generation Yellowhead resident. I grew up, and still live on, the homestead my grandparents moved to in 1930. I understand the needs of the community because I have been a part of the community all my life, farming and until recently, serving as the mayor of Yellowhead County for almost 12 years.
As a Yellowhead resident, I understand the issues that face Yellowhead residents each and every day, with lost employment and rising costs for gasoline, groceries, home heating, real estate and debt. Everything keeps getting more and more expensive. I am committed to working to make life more affordable for Yellowhead residents and all Canadians. Yellowheadians should vote for me because I understand the issues facing rural Alberta, and I am committed to working hard on their behalf in Ottawa.
Job Creation
I have been knocking on doors across Yellowhead and one thing has remained clear, life has gotten harder and more expensive. The economy of Yellowhead is driven by agriculture, forestry and natural resource development. We need solutions to deliver our products to market and for pipeline expansion. We need to cancel the carbon tax, repeal Bill C-69 (the no more pipeline bill) and end the ban on shipping traffic in B.C. Let’s get people back to work in a strong economy.
Trans Mountain Pipeline
A Conservative government will get the Trans Mountain Pipeline built. We will appeal to the Supreme Court and request a stay on the Appeal Court’s decision and enforce Federal jurisdiction over all aspects of the construction, maintenance and operations of the Trans Mountain Expansion.
We should all be concerned about the environment – about the kind of planet we leave for future generations. The Conservative plan is built upon three guiding principles:

  • Green Technology, not more taxes on burdened Canadians.
  • A cleaner and greener natural environment.
  • Taking the climate change fight global.

Let’s stop dumping billions of litres of raw sewage in our waterways, we can do better with plastics and we will pursue opportunities to work with and incentivise high impact emitters as a few of our strategies to positively impact the environment in Canada.
Federal Carbon Tax
A Conservative government will eliminate the Carbon Tax. It is simply another tax on overtaxed Canadians.
Tax REform
The Conservative Party has proposed a number of changes to personal and business taxes to both stimulate the economy and make life more affordable. Small business has been a primary driver of employment in Canada for decades and a key part of a healthy economy going forward. Everyday working Canadians need to feel they can do more than simply get by from month to month, but can get ahead.
Other issues and priorities

We need to have a government focused on negotiating a new softwoods lumber agreement, regaining market access for Canadian meat, canola seed and soy exports in China, and work to put an end to all foreign oil imports and achieve Canada’s energy independence.