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CRFRS hosts open houses across Clearwater County
By Tyler Klinkhammer
Staff Reporter

Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services (CRFRS) hosted a series of open houses across Clearwater County as a part of Fire Prevention Week, which ran from Oct. 6 to 12.
CRFRS Station 60 in Rocky Mountain House held an open house on Oct. 10.
Assistant fire chief Evan Stewart said that the open houses are a great opportunity for members of the community to get to know their first responders, become familiar with some of the equipment they use during operations and is a great opportunity for families of CRFRS members to congregate and socialize. It’s also a great opportunity for CRFRS to educate some of the residents on the services key messages.
This year, the theme and key message of Fire Prevention Week was “plan and practice your escape.”
A thorough home escape plan includes maintaining smoke alarms on every level of the home, planning at least two escape routes from every room, and designating a meeting place outside the home at a nearby landmark.
The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you practise your escape plan twice a year.
Members gave tours to curious residents, showed off some of the life-saving tools they use, hosted a barbecue and even had a cake to celebrate the occasion.
Stewart explained that the open house is also a great time for children to become familiar with the firefighters they might run across in an emergency situation.
“A lot of kids hide from us,” Stewart explained. “When we come in during an emergency situation in our full gear with equipment they might become frightened and hide.”
The open house is the perfect opportunity to familiarize kids in the community with the people under all of that equipment.
CRFRS has also launched the Hug a Firefighter campaign, where members will head to schools, and suit up in their gear in front of the kids so that they understand who is underneath all of the equipment.
Stewart estimated that more than 100 residents would come through Station 60 during the few hours the open house was taking place.