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Repaired helipad back in service
By Laura Button

The Rocky Hospital helipad reopened to aircraft on Friday, May 11, after a three-and-a-half-day closure for repairs.
“All of the work was done as planned. There were no surprises and it’s back up and running in good shape,” said Allan Sinclair, a senior operating officer with Alberta Health Services (AHS) Central Zone. “It reopened about 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon, which was the scheduled time, and there weren’t any STARS-required landings during [the repair work] time.”
AHS closed the helipad on Tuesday, May 8, to address cracks in the ramp and moisture accumulating underneath the pad itself, as part of Central Zone’s regular helipad maintenance program.
The cracks in the concrete cement of the helipad ramp – not the landing pad itself – were not affecting the function of the helipad, but AHS chose to fix them sooner rather than potentially having to face a larger problem later. While the helipad was closed, AHS maintenance staff also looked at ways to improve ventilation under the pad.
“There is a space large enough to walk under – it’s more than a crawl space,” explained Sinclair. The maintenance department will be installing additional equipment to deal with the humidity at a later date, but that work will not interfere with the normal operations of the helipad.