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Cory Lystang – Libertarian Party

I grew up around the Mayerthorpe area – third or fourth generation in the area. I have worked in the oilfield most of my life. After Bill C68 (federal firearms act), I totally lost interest in politics. It wasn’t worth my attention.
Then the Libertarian Party got my attention I believe in my heart that every Albertan is Libertarian to the core, but we are always just worried about what the other parties will do. I felt I needed to step forward to be an option (as a candidate in the election).
Job Creation
For the most part we believe in stepping aside and letting the provinces create jobs. For the most part, Libertarians believe that government is a destructive force and doesn’t create anything. So regulation and red tape does nothing but destroy jobs.
I don’t think the federal government should do anything but keep the provinces in line – for example a pipeline. If the other provinces want to remain part of Canada they shouldn’t get in the way of a pipeline.
Trans Mountain Pipeline
We believe that the liberal government and the one before them mishandled this. We do not believe that the government should have purchased this pipeline … we had a perfectly good company willing to do this on their own without taxpayer dollars.
We do not believe in expropriation but we also don’t believe that a province should be able to stand in the way of putting a line across public property.
Every time the government takes action – even with best intentions – there’s always dire consequences.
We are not deniers in any way, shape or form.
We don’t believe that government is the right avenue.
If you look at he greatest green technology government can’t claim any of it.
Federal Carbon Tax
We are very against tax. We would be willing to have a “want tax” than an income tax but we do not believe that taxing will make the weather change.
Tax Reform
Less personal and business tax across the board. We do not believe that corporate welfare is a good business model. All we have to do is look at Bombardier.
We would be more willing to have a tax on tobacco and alcohol than income tax. People have a choice on paying that kind of tax.

Other Issues and Priorities
Biggest issue for Yellowhead is that we have allowed the federal government to grow to the point that it runs our lives instead of serving us. It is not doing what it is supposed to do. It is micro-managing the provinces and our individual privacy.