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Nordegg HIstoric Golf Course celebrates 100 years
By Brittany Willsie 
Staff Reporter 

Golfers have been swinging clubs at the Nordegg Historic Golf Course for 100 years. 
The Nordegg Historic Golf Course was established in 1920 and was supported by the local mining company as recreation for miners and their families. 
At the time, the course had seven holes. Grass on the fairway was cut by horse-drawn mowers pulled by the same horses that pulled mine carts. 
The course now has nine holes and Stu Weidenhamer, president of the Nordegg Historic Golf Course, wrote that there have been many changes over the years. 
“We continue to try and improve each year with building new greens, tee boxes and trimming foliage around certain areas,” Weidenhamer wrote to The Mountaineer. 
The Nordegg Historic Golf Course is a non-profit society, with the building and land leased from Clearwater County. Any profits made are used to improve and maintain the course. 
Some seasonal employees are hired, but volunteers are very active at the course. 
Weidenhamer wrote that they have a “great group of volunteers who help out whenever needed for sod laying, painting, fence building etc.”
Their annual tournament was held on July 25 and was a great success.
“It was attended by 72 golfers and this was our limit,” Weidenhamer wrote. 
“More people were turned away as we are abiding by COVID recommendations and did not want to have more than one group of golfers on each tee box at a time.”