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Bantam Blades tough loss leads to teaching opportunity
By Tyler Klinkhammer
Staff Reporter

The Bantam Blades took a tough loss to the 3Cs team (Castor, Consort and Coronation).
The 3Cs won the game with a commanding 10-3 victory over the Rocky team.
“We weren’t giving our best effort. It seems like we have some games where they will put that effort in and it works and all the players know it. For some reason there are some games where something bad just happens and they shut off,” said head coach, Devin Artzen.
Artzen said the team was well aware of what was happening during the game. It is important to stress that the players know that they can do better, said Artzen.
“It’s up to [the players] to respond in the right way with the right effort level,” he said.
Respond they did. The Blades got a shot at a rematch with the 3Cs on Saturday, Jan. 5, in Coronation, where they won 9-3.
“We turned a really negative thing into a really great positive. They played amazingly well in the response to it. They knew that they could play better and they proved it on Saturday,” said Artzen.
The Blades played two games this weekend and also came away with a 6-2 win over Stettler on Sunday.
The two victories put the Blades in first place in their division.