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Opening ceremoney launches first ever Alberta Masters Games
by Gail Krabben
staff writer

Officials gathered on stage to welcome over 1,000 athletes and 600 volunteers to the first ever Alberta Masters Games, during the opening ceremonies on Thursday, Aug. 22.
Mayor Tammy Burke and Reeve Jim Duncan extended a warm welcome to Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County.
“This is the first event of its kind in our province and I am so proud of our community for making it happen,” said Mayor Tammy Burke.
Duncan noted how sports bring people together, and the sports chosen for these games are a natural fit to our area and facilities – including the Brierley Rapids, arena facilities, cycling roads, and North Saskatchewan River Park.
MC Deb Matejicka, a community reporter with Global News said, “Events like this just don’t happen, they take years of planning and hundreds, if not thousands, of people and dollars for them to come together.”
Martin Ironbow of the O’Chiese First Nation offered a blessing thanking the creator and recognizing the support of event organizers and sponsors.
MLA Jackie Lovely wished all athletes the best of luck and congratulated Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County on the launch of the Alberta Masters Games. She then officially declared the AMG open on behalf of the province of Alberta.