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Vaulting to the top
By Shaelynn Poteet
Staff Reporter

Cassidy Johannesson continues to make strides in the vaulting world, taking second place in the Junior 2 Star event during the Pacific Cup CVI in Gilroy, California from April 28 to 30, earning her first qualifying score towards the 2019 Junior World Championships in the Netherlands.
“I’m very happy to place so high, as I have never placed higher than fifth at this competition individually,” Cassidy told The Mountaineer. “I achieved some of the highest scores that I ever have.”
For this competition, Cassidy was able to compete with her equine training partner, Phoenix, who made the long haul from Rocky Mountain House to the sunny coast of California just for the competition, along with lunger Amber Callan. As lunger, Callan controls the horse in the ring while Cassidy performs.
“The bond between the three of us is so important. We have a responsibility to each other to do our jobs well. For example, if one of us has an off day, the rest of us are also not performing to our best ability. My nerves tend to rub off on my horse and even Amber,” said Cassidy.
Coming up, Cassidy will be competing in the Canada Cup CVI in Chilliwack, B.C., from May 24 to 27, where she hopes to gain another qualifying score for the 2019 Junior World Games. Cassidy is also part of an Alberta team that is trying to qualify for World Equestrian Games 2018.