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Shane Boniface

Hello, my name is Shane Boniface, and I am running for town council.
I have lived in Rocky for 44 years, married and raised a family of six here. I have been involved in several local organizations over the years. 
I was with Northern Crossing for 25 years, both on stage and behind the scenes.
I have served on a committee as a liaison between First Nations and local oil companies. 
I worked with the RCMP for 15 years and received several letters of accommodations during that time. 
I worked for Petro Canada, both as an operator and a project manager dealing with large budget projects. 
I currently own and operate Shanise Enterprises Ltd., which is a small landscaping and carpentry construction company.
I also have been decking bridges for JimBob Rentals for 43 years.
My reasons for running for town council are several fold. I have questions and concerns to which answers seem to be fleeting. Things that, as a business owner, have caused me concern and stress. Such as the issues of late concerning our dump. These issues I feel have not been explained in a forthright manner. 
What is being done to prepare for the twinning of Hwy. 11. The town needs to be fiscally responsible. Town policy on business taxes seems unfair and makes very little sense.
Our main source of economy in Rocky is the oil and gas industry. I strongly support this industry; after all, I have worked in it and my clients now do as well. But I also believe we must look to the future cultivating new business opportunities while supporting and keeping businesses and jobs that in turn have supported Rocky, so that our grandchildren will be able to raise their families here. 
I would also like to thank our current administration for their dealing with the pandemic. They should be commended on their actions during a difficult time.
We have many questions. We need solutions. With my lifetime of diverse experience, I can certainly be helpful in finding solutions and bring a different perspective to the table.
I have always been a dedicated, productive hard worker. They say if you want something done ask a busy person! 
Let me work for you, and be your voice. Let’s move toward a bright future together.
I encourage everyone to get out and vote in the upcoming election. 
Shane Boniface — Slbon@shaw.ca, 403-846-3914.